Today, the transaction of digital payment and money transfer has increased significantly in India, for which you can see different apps like Paytm, Google Pay, Bhim, etc in the Google Play Store. Today we are going to tell you about Phone Pe App.

Phone Pe app is very popular for digital payments which is operated by Yes Bank, which is perfectly secure for digital payments. You can do a variety of digital payment from your smartphone.

In Phone Pe App, you get many options that are not available in other apps. This is a UPI based application that works very fast, in which you have to link your bank account once and you can make digital payment anytime.

Also, you can easily check the balance of your bank account. You can earn money by sharing Phone Pe app with your friends, so let’s know in detail about Phone Pe app.

whar is phone pe

What is Phone Pe app?

Phone Pe app which you can also call mobile wallet, because of this app you can do mobile recharge, mobile bill, gas bill, electricity bill, dish recharge, money transfer, online shopping, etc.

This is a UPI based application which has its full form Unified Payment Interface, which is operated by NPCI, which manages India’s banking system, it is completely safe.

With Phone Pe app, you can also do online shopping and also get cashback. The biggest advantage of this is that if you buy anything from a large online website like Flipkart, you get a cashback as a discount.

If you transfer money from different bank accounts, then this app will be very beneficial for you as you can add more than one bank account in the Phone Pe app.

In the Phone Pe app, you can use the money as cashback, only for shopping and recharging. You can not transfer them to the bank account. In this, you have to enter your details once and then it remains in it. With Phone Pe, you can safely pay 24/7 without any hassle.

How To Make Phone Pe App Account

To use this App, first, you have to make an account on it. After which you can take advantage of the features of this app and make a digital payment for your smartphone. It is very easy to make an account on Phone Pe. You should have the below-mentioned things which are mandatory.

1. You must have a smartphone

2. You should have a bank account.

3. The bank account must be linked with mobile number

4. You must have a debit or a credit card.

5. Having an email id is optional.

6. Phone Pe app should be installed.

How to create an account on Phone Pe App

First, install the App from the Google Play Store or click on the button below.


As soon as you open Phone Pe, click on the “Register Now” button.

Now enter your mobile no, OTP, full name, and four-letter phone pe password and click on the Continue button.

Note- Enter the mobile number that is linked to your bank account.

Now your phone pe account is created. Add your bank account, you can add more than one bank account to the digital payment you want to pay.

Step- 5
To add a bank account, you must have debit or credit card and then select the bank account which is linked to it then enter the card details.

Now you have done your job enjoy Phonepe App.


So friends, now you might have understood what is Phone Pe App and How to make an account on it. I hope this article is helpful for you then if you find this article helpful please share with your friends and family members.



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