Top 6 Android Apps: Hello Friends In today’s article, we have brought you the Top 6 Android Apps that must be in your Smart Phone, which gives you a great deal of help.

Top 6 Android Apps

In today’s world, all people use Smart Phones and have too many apps in their phones, but today the Android apps you we are about to tell you must be in your Smart Phone, which make you convenient to use your smartphone easily.

So if any of these Android applications are not yet on your Smart Phone, then you can download and install it. Now talk about these Android Appications and about their Feature Benefits.

Top 6 Android Apps List

1. True Caller

Truecaller is the most important application for Android Phone, because the phone is used only to make the call, so you will also have phone calls too, so if you install Truecaller in your Smart Phone, you will get your Number The details of the incoming Un-known numbers are found with Truecaller’s help.

top 6 android apps

Because Truecaller Analyzes the call made on your phone and gives you information about that Mobile Number, so you can know which person has called you.

02. Antivirus

Android phones run on operating systems, there are chances of having Virus Infect, sometimes due to Virus, the files in your Phone stop opening or your Smart Phone Slow.

The reason for this can be Virus, because everyone has a lot of social media applications in the phone, which also brings lots of links. Some of which are links to Infected or Spam Websites. When you open the virus in your phone.

So you must have Antivirus in your Smart Phone, on the Playstore you get lots of Free Antivirus, you can install any of them.

If you want our suggestion, we will suggest you AVG Antivirus only because we personally use it and even so the experience is fine too.

03. App Lock

Smart Phones always buys humans for personal use only, but when we find our Relative or Friends, and they get our Phone, then they begin to scrutinize it very well.

Because the phone is personal, so there are lots of personal things in it, which we do not share with everyone. For this you should use the App Lock Application in your Smart Phone so that you can lock on Installed Applications in your phone, and keep your files safe.

04. Video Player

Now if you have a smart phone then you may also like to hear movies or songs in it, but sometimes some video files do not support properly in our phone, due to which the video does not look good.

This requires that you keep Video Players in your Smart Phone, it will have two advantages, 1. Your video will work better and you will be able to play most of the Format videos in your Smart Phone.

2. If you download Dual Audio Movie like Hollywood’s Movie Hindi and in English, then Playing it Normally it plays in English and you do not have any option that you can play it in Hindi, such as Satuation Video Players are useful for you because here you also get the facility of Audio Change.

Our MX Player and VLC Media Player are the best for both of these works.

05. Automatic Call Recorder

This is not a very important application but if you do business then you will know how important a thing is to the people, but due to being busy at times, we do not pay attention and do not record Coll.

Therefore, you must keep the Automatic Call Record Application in your phone, so whenever you talk to someone on a call, Automatic will start to call Call Record, which you can take advantage of later.

06. Google Map

If you like to roam, go to new places and explore things you like, Google Map is a useful application for you because it gives you two benefits-

1. Find Places: If you have to go to some place and you do not know the way. Google Map not only shows you the right path but also tells you Short Cuts.So that you can reach your destination early.

2. Share your Location: If you have gone for a trip with friends or family, and you get separated from them or someone breaks a member, you will reach it easily through Location Sharing, so that even if you are new to that place. But your own people will not be able to divide you.

That’s why you must keep Google Map in your Smart Phone.


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